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The H3C partner star-rated service certification is an integral part of H3C's distribution channels’ service and technical management system. This standard sets out H3C's specific requirements for after-sales service capabilities of channel partners.

Applicable scope: Partners of H3C's overseas markets.

Certification Requirements

Requirements for After-sales Certification Engineers
Type of certificationCertification DescriptionFour-starThree-starTwo-star

Basic certification

H3C Certified Network Engineer (H3CNE)


H3C Certified Senior Engineer for Routing & Switching
(H3CSE-Routing & Switching)


Project Management Professional (PMP) or H3CNE-PM

Special certificationH3C Certified Specialist for Intelligent Management Center
(2 optional)(1 optional) 
Certified Network Engineer For Security
H3C Certified Network Engineer for X86
Min. number of personnel432
Requirements for service support platform
Inspection ItemsFour-starThree-starTwo-star

After-sales service hotline




Service Manager

Tracking system and handling process of customer issues


Basic engineering project management experience (equipment list price: USD 100,000 - USD 1000,000)


Major engineering project management experience (equipment list price: ≥ USD 1 million)


Laboratory Requirements

1 H3C Cloud Lab

1 high-end Router

1 layer 3 switch

1AC, 2AP
1 Router
1 layer 3 switch
1AC, 2AP


1. A high-level certificate can replace a low-level certificate.

2. The engineer certificate for star-rated certification must be valid for more than three months from the date of submission of the application;

3. The laboratory equipment is only for experimental use and shall not be used for other purposes. H3C shall be inspected irregularly.

Star-rated Partners' Customer
Service Responsibilities

H3C’s provision of channel services is based on the principle that "the seller provides service". That is, the partner making the order must assume final responsibility service to the project customer. Where technical problems occur in customers’ equipment during the maintenance period, the star-rated partner must monitor and handle these problems.

Personnel Responsibilities of
Service Manager

1. Acts as an interface of partner service, coordinate service resources to support H3C products effectively. Communicate with H3C on service delivery quality on a regular basis.

2. Help to coordinate H3C certified engineers. If any changes in certified engineer staffing, the service manager must report it to the H3C office by mailing within three working days of the employee's exit, and the vacancy must be filled with another engineer of the same level within three months.

3. Acts as the liaison person of spare parts and is responsible for handling the issues related to the spare parts of his company. Must know well about H3C's spare parts service policies and procedures, and communicate it to the personnel of his company.

Certification Process

1. Submitting an Application

The Service Qualification Applicant must submit the certification materials required by H3C star-rated certification policy via this email address: Materials for certification include: Electronic Edition of Engineer Certificates and the application form for overseas star-rated certification.


2. H3C Review

H3C headquarters will review the materials submitted by partners, and respond via email with a decision within 3 working days. Approved partners will receive an electronic edition of star-rated certificate. The Service Qualification Applicant must stand ready to receive these emails.

Instructions on Certification

1. Partners must guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of all information they provide. If false information is found during certification process, or during the validity period of a star-rated qualification, H3C reserves the right to reject the relevant application for a star-rated qualification or to cancel the relevant star-rated qualification(s).

2. The validity of service qualification certificate lasts for one calendar year from its date of issuance. Partners must undergo recertification based on the latest available certification criteria. The recertification process is the same as for initial certification. H3C reserves the right to delay or prohibit service recertification of any partner at which critical service events are discovered to have occurred during the previous certification year.

3. In case of queries, please contact the English Hotline Support Group by phone on 0571-86763000 or email

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