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H3C has been actively participating in Internet infrastructure construction since the 1990s, closely monitoring the industry’s needs and technological trends over the years. By constantly innovating and overcoming technological barriers, H3C has grown alongside its Internet customers – its brands withstanding the most rigorous tests the Internet has to offer – and become the main infrastructure supplier to the Chinese Internet industry.

Networking and computing are key Internet Data Center (IDC) infrastructure. Facing increasingly large-scale, complex business needs, the Internet industry urgently needs reform at data center level if the momentum of its business development is to be sustained. H3C, proprietor of the world's leading R&D systems and innovation teams, along with mature products and solutions covering a broad range of requirements, has exhibited profound insight in the creation of highly-sought-after, innovative, independent products and solutions for Internet companies worldwide.

In IDC networking, H3C continues to launch products whose increasing performance and port density, and ease of management and maintenance combine to meet the increasing performance and scale requirements of IDCs. Software defined network (SDN) technology, by integrating computing and networking, satisfies Internet users’ needs for intelligent allocation and flexible management of networking resources. H3C, which has been monitoring the development of SDN technology since 2009, has made heavy investments in research and development of related products. In 2013, H3C commercial launched its OpenFlow 1.3 switch, following up with its first commercial SDN controller in 2014. H3C has been engaged in enthusiastic cooperation and research with users from various industries in the field of SDN, launching SDN solutions suited to users' business requirements in varied scenarios. To date, H3C's SDN solutions have been deployed in leading Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Qihoo, China Mobile, Ping An Group, China Merchants Bank, PICC and so on, making H3C the networking manufacturer with the solutions most widely deployed in China’s SDN space.

In the computing arena, H3C’s customized H3C brand server series displays profound insight into the Internet industry’s global development trends. These servers combine innovative technological capabilities resulting from independent local R&D with fully-autonomous, controllable, convenient management and maintenance tools that can simplify management, accelerate IT service delivery, and reduce management costs. H3C brand server’s higher computing performance and lower costs of ownership yield great business benefits to Internet enterprises, and have been widely deployed by Internet customers such as Baidu, JD, Sina, and eLong.

In the Internet arena, H3C’s adherence to the principles of transparency, cooperation and mutual benefit, has supported its development from an equipment provider into an Internet companies’ strategic partner. Willing and capable of engaging in in-depth technical exchange and cooperation with Internet enterprises at the frontier of AI, SDN, NFV, visualization and maintenance, enterprise hybrid cloud and other areas, H3C’s commitment to promoting the development and progress of the Internet in China could not be clearer.

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