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The rapid development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, is driving transformational change in traditional industries. The opportunities for cross-border interconnection/integration yielded by the Internet has provided traditional industries in particular with great opportunities for innovation and evolution, and has converted IT from a business support role into a key business driver.

These trends are also evident in education, and clearly acknowledged in the Ministry of Education’s 10-year plan for education digitalization, which states that the innovation, reform and development of education must be promoted via the thoroughgoing integration of information technology and education. Education reform – that is, the promotion of the fairness, improved teaching quality, and modernization in education – can also be achieved via these means, but the realization of these goals is heavily dependent upon deep integration between IT infrastructure and education applications. Innovation in education information applications and better services for education development are also key factors. Traditional IT’s improvement path was typically limited to improvements in the efficiency of business logic, without causing changes in business logic itself. But New IT’s transformation in role from business support to engine of business transformation, has made it a more disruptive force. Similarly, traditional education information systems such as systems for course selection, and campus networks, were auxiliary to education, leaving education provision itself unchanged. But now, New IT such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data will usher in a new era of education reform, bringing about disruptive change that will reshape education and teaching models.

The Educational Cloud in the Era of New IT

Cloud computing is of great significance in both basic education and higher education fields. Unfair access to basic education resources is a major challenge to basic education. By constructing unified, open, high-quality educational cloud platforms, high-quality resources can be distributed via the cloud. Excellent resources can be promoted and circulated among schools and regions, and thereby promoting the fairness of education. In the New IT era, the construction of campus cloud platforms is mainly concerned with integration. Compared with the previous separated departmental level systems, highly integrated campus cloud platforms provide users with far more convenient access to teaching, research, and management IT resources.

Education Digitalization in the Mobile Internet Era

Construction of educational WLANs in the mobile internet era concerns three key areas: deployment of WLAN environments, wireless big data, and wireless applications. On future campuses, wireless big data and applications will be key tools for improving management of teaching effectiveness and student behavior. H3C’s wireless big data application platform can integrate campus network clients (STAs) and educational applications, allowing analysis of wireless STA status, and optimization of related student behaviors. Another major change arising from the mobile Internet era is the convergence of WLANs and the Internet of Things (IoT). If the construction, coverage, and O&M for these two systems can be unified, the implementation of the Internet of Things in the education field has potential to change many aspects of education provision – teaching quality management, student health management, student safety management, and school logistic management – creating potential for reaping great dividends from educational digitalization.

Construction of a New IT Educational Ecosystem

A leader in New IT solutions, H3C is constantly seeking to create new value for users. In addition to wired and wireless networking, H3C collaborates with partners to provide converged solutions in areas including security, computing, storage, and upper-layer applications. In addition, the New IT trend has changed user application delivery needs, shifting attention of users away from products’ features and functions, and towards the impacts of IT on their businesses. Responding to this, H3C’s focus is the construction of a New IT ecosystem for the future. In collaboration with application partners, H3C plans to create a higher-value, smarter educational information system via consolidation of all the operational and investment resources at its disposable.

Continuous innovation in New IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the mobile Internet as educational digitalization continues, can profoundly improve the fairness of provision of basic education, the social value of higher education, and the capacity for individualized education. Education is critical to a country’s development, thus H3C is committed to driving the trend for "technology to lead educational transformation", will continue to use New IT technologies to promote China's educational digitalization, working together with enterprises, schools, and governments and other stakeholders committed to upgrading the education industry, to jointly realize the goal of smart education, and stands prepared to leverage all of the New IT methods at its disposal to assist in the achievement of that worthy goal.

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